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Hello my name is Hayley Stobo and i would like to welcome you to my blog!
I am now going into my second week at the Bolshoi ballet academy and lets just say nothing has run smoothly for me so far! A delayed flight from London was followed by a 3 hour taxi journey (which normally takes half an hour) for us to arrive at the academy. I got stuck on the Metro by myself which was not a pleasant experience and all that was topped off by home sickness! So it was a very stressful start to my time in Moscow.
My first ballet class  was quite surprising as the way the Russian teachers require you to move is completely different to the UK and also the language barrier throughout class was a bit daunting. However on a positive note my teacher seemed to liked me as she was asking Natalie Carter (http://natcarter.wordpress.com/)to translate corrections for me and giving me a bit of attention. Unfortunately I am unable to give my exact judgement of the academy as yet because although I have been here for 2 weeks I have only done 3 classes  and I will not be participating in anymore for for another week. This is due to the fact that I have just  been released from hospital after falling very ill and being in a lot of pain. However, I am making a speedy recovery and cannot wait to take part in the amazing classes here once again.
Being in hospital gave me a lot of time to think and it made me realise that you have to overcome all of the bad to reach the good and I will just have to give all that I have got in order for me to progress and grow here. I totally agree that I will have to grab the training I am being offered with both hands and hold on tight because although it will be a bumpy road I am now more determined than ever to get where I want to be as a dancer. I am feeling optimistic that I have got rid of all of my bad luck here in Moscow and from now on  I will be able to fully enjoy the experience of this beautiful city. Already I have make some great friends who have all been there for me over there past few weeks and I am very thankful to all of them. I am missing Scotland and the people living there so so much but if you think about it it’s not long till my first trip home and the time will fly by. Lets hope that my next blog will hold far less traumatic occasions and will be filled with positive encounters yet to come!

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