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I am sorry i haven’t wrote on my blog for a couple of weeks but I had a mini holiday and flew home to “sunny” Scotland to see all my family! It was a very exciting trip home, none of my friends or family knew I was coming and to see the look of shock on their faces when I arrived was priceless ! It was definitely a lovely surprise for them all.

While I was home I decided to visit my old school “The Dance School of Scotland” it was fantastic to see my friends and to answer everyone’s questions about the academy ! They were so excited to hear all about Russian life at the Bolshoi. I also joined in a ballet class; Mr Burke ( my old ballet teacher ) commented that my technique was already changing into the Russian style despite me only being in Russia for two months. It was great to have a small break and have quality time with my mum and to finally see some British television … I didn’t realise how many programmes I actually don’t see any longer. Now I understand when I look at everyone’s facebook status’ why they are up in arms about X Factor… it all finally made sense to me!

I arrived back at the academy last Thursday with miss Natalie Carter and even though we had only not seen each other for a week we had so many family stories to tell. We had so much gossip to catch up on, so the plane was an ideal setting to tell each other everything that had happened at home. As soon as we walked through the front door of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy it was straight to isolation for a health check up, and once given the all clear we were able to say our “hello’s” to everyone, then fell into our bed to get a good nights rest before getting back into our daily routine.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time at the academy as I feel I am steadily gaining strength in ballet and I learn so much in every class. My ballet teacher is simply amazing and specifically focuses on things that I need to improve on which is great …. for such a small woman she has a big voice though and I certainly hear her commands! Although I am very happy, homesickness has, and no doubt will always be, a slight issue for me. However, since returning to Moscow, a few skype calls from my mum and as always the constant support from Natalie has made me settle back into the academy life a lot quicker. Also the reality is I will be returning home in a little over 4 weeks for the Christmas break so there is no need for me to be homesick. I am surrounded by great people in the academy and I know that coming here was definitely the best and right decision for me !

On top of all of this my timetable has changed… again, which now means I don’t have a break between classes , so I have less time to think of home (which is a good thing !) The continuous dancing has finally awakened my muscles , which is a good thing as although I am tired it makes me want to work even harder and is forcing me to push myself to my limits. I also had a taste of Russian gymnastics this week which was very “interesting” … lets just say I wasn’t aware my legs could be bent into so many positions ! It was a really fun class and it also gave me ideas on how I could stretch in my room before and after classes.

The Russian language is also becoming slightly easier as I am now able to pick up more words during class, which is so good as I am able to now self correct more. The language is really hard to learn as there are so many different tenses and endings etc… so I must admit I am definitely far from fluent , but I am learning a little more each day.

This week has gone so fast and as the weekend comes upon us there is nothing like a 2 hour ballet class then 2 hours of Pas De Deux to finish your week … right ? Then Sunday to recuperate !!

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It’s been a few intensive weeks since I started training at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow and without the support from the Genesis Foundation I would have never be able to undertake my three-year training there. The significance of getting into the Bolshoi is an absolute dream come true and I can’t describe how truly thankful I am to John Studzinski for it.

Please visit the Genesis Foundation’s website or Youtube channel to watch an exclusive video of Natalie and I discussing the Bolshoi, the Genesis Foundation and how exciting all of this is!

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