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For those of you that regularly keep up with my blog you will be aware that I have been struggling with a reoccurring hip injury for the past 4 months! Although in recent weeks I felt that it seemed to be on the mend or at least was feeling slightly better, after a consultation with my doctor in Scotland I am so disappointed to inform you all that I have had to return back home to Scotland to have treatment and allow it to fully heal.
I have been referred to an orthopedic consultant who will decide whether I need to have an MRI scan so that they can fully see what is going on deep within my hip and the muscles surrounding it, but at present they believe there has been overuse of the hip which has resulted in a sprained and strained joint and I also have tendinitis. I am also attending physiotherapy on a weekly basis and have been given a wide list of strengthening exercises to get me fit and well to continue my full training within the academy later in the year.
Due the the nature of my injury, Scottish doctors and the Academy doctor have both agreed that participating in my end of year exams will only cause me injury and deteriorate or cause more aggravation to the hip; rather than improving the situation it will only make the injury worse. The good news is that all of my teachers within the academy have graciously provided me with class marks for my full year and I am delighted to say I have passed all my end of year assessments!
This great news will enable me to gain entry onto the second year course at the academy and I will be able to return to my full time training after the summer term.
I am so very thankful to everyone who has supported me during my first year at the academy as without you all I genuinely don’t know how I would have survived some of my darker moments! I have met some extremely talented dancers at the Bolshoi Academy who are now graduating in June into the professional world of ballet and I wish them the best of luck with their future careers.
Living in Russia for a year has taught me a lot of life lessons which in turn has pushed me to mature mentally and physically. I have had to learn how to cope with difficult situations such as illness, hospital visits and injuries, and also do things for myself and make decisions rather than depending on parental figures holding my hand every step of the way . I have had to grow up very quickly and manage it all on my own. I would also like to thank Miss Natalie Carter for being there every step of the way and guiding me through some tough times which we have managed to keep laughing and smiling through ! Also, what can I say about my wonderful ballet teacher ‘Revich’? I can do nothing but compliment this amazing woman as the information and guidance she has provided me with this past year will remain forever both in my head, my heart and also in my dancing. This wonderful woman is like a second mother and truly always looks after her students and their welfare and I cannot thank her enough for everything she has taught me. I am grateful and excited to know that she will be my teacher next year and the few tears that she shed as I left the academy indicated to me that I am a student within her class that she is fond off and that she also has faith in my abilities as a dancer and this means everything to me! Finally, my grateful thanks to The Genesis Foundation for having the belief in me to support and guide me through this very exciting part of my life.
I would like you to know that I am so disappointed that I could not finish my year as I would have loved to have taken part in my final year exams. No-one could feel any more disappointed as I do now because I feel I have let down so many people who have been rooting for me to do so well this year, but I must say that I would much rather regain my full strength and and be injury-free for entering second course, rather than being injury ridden for a further year and possibly doing more damage to my dance career as a whole. If it had been at all possible to finish my year injury-free I would have proceeded as I have so much determination to succeed, but I have to think about my body and its capabilities when injured and what it can cope with at this moment in time. You may only be provided with one fantastic opportunity in a lifetime and I have been given mine now and I will strive to be all I can be within it… my life and whole career is based around it and I want to succeed!
Thank you for keeping up with my blog throughout my first year in the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and I can only hope that after my summer holidays when I am refreshed and ready to return for my second year at the academy my blog will continue to be filled with many interesting stories for you all to read and enjoy. Have a great summer and I will keep you updated on my injury.

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