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The month of December has been extremely hectic in the academy, an independent choreographer came to watch our ballet class and decided to cast Natalie and I in a piece from the ballet “Copelia”, I have been told it will be performed in a concert type setting which is all very exciting but also nerve racking! The thought of performing and to representing the Bolshoi Ballet Academy is a great privilege and you can only hope you are able to represent yourself and the school well enough through your ability to dance well. It is a great honour for me to be chosen to do this but I am still unaware when and where this dance will be performed – I shall inform you all in my next blog!

In my final day before finishing for the Christmas holidays , my ballet teacher (Revich) took me aside at the end of class to thank me for working so hard and said although she feels I have still more to learn I am improving everyday and that is all she can ask … However in her words ” it’s good but I want more” so the hard work will continue and become more intense when I return in January… I can’t wait !

It was great to return home to Scotland and have a well earned rest and the icing on the cake was the fact that I was home in time for both my 17th birthday and of course Christmas! Spending time with my friends and family was just what I needed to recharge my batteries (it makes you appreciate your family and friends a lot more when you are separated from them for months at a time), and it also gave me a chance to mentally and physically relax and rest my always aching muscles. It also made me realise how independent I have become; living away from home has made me do things for myself like washing, ironing and cooking, which was a pleasant surprise for my mum. She said I have finally grown up !

After my great time at home and a tearful goodbye at Glasgow Airport (but also this time I was really excited about returning to my studies) I set off to London to stay overnight with Miss Natalie Carter, which gave us both the ideal opportunity to have a real good catch up before we returned to the academy. I enjoyed a very nice dinner with Natalie’s family on our final night at home… It was almost like the last meal, as our diet at the academy is very mixed and I miss home cooking so much whilst I am away !

On the 8th of January we boarded our flight to Moscow and arrived late afternoon which allowed us to say our hellos to the few students that had not gone home then it was straight to isolation for our medical check. We had a few days free before classes commenced once again due the Christmas holidays being celebrated later in Russia (7th January) so Natalie, Daniel and myself enjoyed a couple of days having lunch, chatting and generally just preparing both our minds and bodies for everything to begin again.

Natalie and I believed that our ballet teacher would ease us in gently after out short holiday but… oh no Revich was on top form and truly exhausted us in our first day returning back to class! It felt great to be dancing again and to get my muscles working; they had slept somewhat over the Christmas period as there were no classes in Scotland available due to the festive holidays.

Although I do still feel weaker than some girls in my class (I must make a mental note never to compare myself with others in class!) due to my body having to learn new techniques, I am slowly but surely getting stronger and I love the feeling of leaving class every day with a new corrections to think about and apply in the next class. Other classes such are ‘Narha’ which is Character and Historical Dance have been so much fun but again, every class is hard work and you always need to work your hardest to convince each teacher that you are willing to learn and be disciplined within yourself and listen to every piece of advice they provide you with.

If everything else is not difficult enough to contend with, once again my time table has been changed but this time to add another class into my schedule… Contemporary. I am so in love with this class as it gives you the opportunity to really release and use the weight of your body and your breath to create the movements but it most definitely leaves your muscles so tight and aching the following day!

My first week back at the academy has been exhausting but so worth it, and morning stretches have not been pleasant but Natalie and I laugh about it as we know “no pain… no gain!” I promise to write another blog very soon and keep you all updated on my progress here in wonderful Russia. I will be studying very hard over the next few months for my up and coming exams and I am sure I will have lots of information to tell you!

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