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After the last few very exciting, stressful couple of weeks at the Bolshoi ballet Academy, it was nice to de-stress a little! But not for long… lessons began as soon as I arrived back at the academy after my short holiday back home in Scotland. As usual Revich (my ballet teacher) began to work us hard to prepare for our exams which will be in the next couple of months. However due to a hip injury which occurred in gymnastics last week, Revich has decided to limit the amount that I am allowed to participate in within class at the moment … she is only allowing me to do barre or light centre. Although it upsets me not to do full class I understand the importance of being fully fit for the up and coming events which are all too important for me. This has not dented my enthusiasm as it is nothing a few physio treatments, exercises and muscular gel won’t fix. I am taking a few more days to rest my hip and fingers crossed by the end of the end of the week I will be fighting fit and back doing what I love to do and giving it 100% once again! Revich has been amazing, not only is she a a fantastic teacher but she can also sense when I am feeling a little homesick. At the beginning of last week she took me to one side and gave me a gentle talk which I am so thankful for! Her words of wisdom and moral boost truly do mean a lot, and I feel at times she is almost like a second mother to me… only a more ballet-minded and less obsessed about a clean bedroom!

On a less cheery note I have been told that my Russian Language exam is on the 6th of April! I am really nervous as there is so much grammar involved in this very difficult language, so I am having to study 24/7 to try to get everything into my head so that I am prepared on the day. The saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ pops into my head now and gain which keeps me on my toes. I have also arranged to sit down with two of the girls in my class from America for some intense studying sessions so hopefully everything will work out and I will be confident in 2 weeks time! Wish me luck!

The date for our ballet exam has also recently been announced. It looks as though we will be putting on our new black leotards and we will be spraying our hair to our heads for the occasion on either the 2nd or 3rd of June. I am slightly excited and also nervous for this exam as it will give me a chance to show how I have progressed in my first year at the academy, and will also show me what I need to improve on and strengthen for my second year. Approximately 2 weeks after this date I should be on my way home to bonnie Scotland to begin my summer holidays and I can’t wait wait to see all my family and friends for what will be a much needed rest after all my exams and I will also have a much longer spell to spend with everyone as it won’t be just a few days but a couple of months, so I will be able to recuperate and recharge fully. I hope it doesn’t sound bad that I am counting the days already as I do enjoy my time here (very much) but I also miss everyone back home and I think that it is something which will never change no matter where I am in the world.

This weekend we all had the chance to dress in our best clothes to celebrate two birthdays, Daniel Dolan’s 18th and Niklas Blomqvist’s 20th. I had a very enjoyable evening in a restaurant called Sky Lounge and I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it felt great to be all dressed up and out having dinner with the group. The food was absolutely beautiful and the view from the windows is simply divine as the restaurant is situated 22 floors high and you are able to gaze into Moscow and all its glory!

Today Natalie, Daniel, Alex and myself have all came to McDonald’s cafe to take advantage of the free Internet, as at the moment the Internet connection in the academy is very unreliable and I haven’t had a proper conversation with my mummy in what feels like forever! So fingers crossed she will get her tired little self online (she works a night shift on a Saturday) before I go back to the academy for dinner. I would also like to say a big congratulations to all of my friends in the Dance School of Scotland as they have all secured places in various top London schools and I am very proud of them all! They have all worked so hard and I can’t believe it is now their time to finally graduate and go their separate ways in their individual career paths. They are all about to embark on the biggest and most enjoyable and rewarding journey of their live and I wish them all the luck in the world for their future, but I hasten to add; don’t forget little Stobo in Russia okay! Love you all!

I will write another blog very soon to update you all in the coming weeks about my preparation for my exams and also let you know how I get on with my language exam! Wish me luck guys!!

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I am pleased to inform you all that the performance in the school was possibly one of the most exciting moments of my life! From the moment the curtain was drawn the mix of emotions running back stage was insane as you could truly feel everyone’s adrenaline pumping. It was amazing for me to finally see all the other children on stage doing what they love and I felt so inspired by this years graduating students as some of them are simply out of this world and gave me a real boost of confidence to work towards becoming as strong technically.

From our tiaras down to our pointe shoes everything had to be perfect before we stepped foot on stage and of course our tutus were beautiful. From the moment we were in costume I began to feel like a proper ballerina and this feeling was the most satisfying of all!

Although the variation was not as clean as it had previously been in rehearsals I was still so proud of myself and Natalie as this was our first performance with the Bolshoi and we truly gave it our all. It was such a rush to be on stage dancing in front of an audience once again and being in that kind of environment, having people there preparing to watch you dance is a feeling that words cannot describe.

Here is a link to Natalie and myself performing our variation so you can all have a look.

Dragging yourself out of bed every morning, class, rehearsals, pain, homesickness, tears and so much more is all made worth it when your walk out on stage and that rush of sheer love and affection for your chosen career path fills your body. Having a career that you’re proud to be doing every day makes me realise how lucky Natalie, Daniel and myself truly are and how many opportunities we may possibly be awarded with within our next 2 and a half years if we keep working to our absolute hardest everyday and proving why we should be here.

The performance which was meant to last for 2 hours ran for a grand total of 4 and it’s safe to say i felt like curling up into a little ball and not moving for the next few days. However, I was over the moon to be told very last minute that we had a 3 day holiday for Russia’s “International Woman’s Day”. So after the performance it was straight to ram store for taxi money, pack my holdall, shower and travel to the airport alone at 2am. I was a little anxious to be traveling all the way from Moscow on my own as i would have to rely on my broken Russian if anything were to go wrong but I managed it fine and landed in “sunny” Scotland on Saturday morning.

Being home was exactly what I needed and I had so much fun with my friends and family. Just sitting down with my friends from Dance School of Scotland and talking for hours felt great and it turns out i had missed quite a lot of gossip in 9 weeks ha ha. Family time was also treasured as I really do miss everyone back home so much when I am gone. However, I do know that they are always there if I need a wee chat and when skype decides to work they even have to put up with seeing my face… what a shame!

Today I am on my way back to Russia for the 3 month stretch before summer which I am sure will go very quickly as it will be filled with exam preparation! The Russian exams are more like a mini production than an exam but none the less they are of course judged very harshly and your dancing is closely scrutinised. Although right now I am feeling relatively calm, I can be sure you will be able to sense some nerves in my up and coming blogs!

I look forward to informing you all soon how everything is going.

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I am so so excited and proud to inform you all that Natalie and I have been chosen to perform our variation in the school production this coming Friday. I am completely overjoyed but still remain in a state of shock as it seems some what surreal!

Our ballet teacher Revich cried in class today as she began to rehearse our variation once again and I must admit I also felt very emotional when we were given the news. We have been fitted in matching light blue tutus with the possibility of a pretty flower in our hair. So it’s time to get the super glue out for the old pointe shoes to ensure they are secure and hard enough to cope with both rehearsals and the performance. I would also like to congratulate everyone who participated in the auditions as every student in this school are simply amazing and all hold their individual beautiful qualities in dance. So well done!

I look forward to telling you all how everything goes and plan to grab Natalie for as many pictures as I can in our costume!

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