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These past few weeks have been extremely hectic. Summer holidays are usually filled with relaxation and quality time with family and friends, and I had also planned some sneaky television viewing time with my mum … but unfortunately due to the amount of time spent attending hospital and physiotherapy appointments we simply haven’t had the time to fully relax… but I am hoping things will calm down once we have also completed my medicals etc for my return to Russia and we can eventually enjoy our last few weeks together.

The past couple of months I have been religiously attending physiotherapy and gyrotonic appointments, and I am extremely overjoyed to report to you all that I feel this have been a great benefit to my recovery. My physiotherapist provides ultrasound treatment which is placed directly on my hip for about ten minutes and releases tiny electric vibes into my deep over worked muscles in order to ease the tightness within the hip.

In addition to this I have also been attending The Penny Withers Gyrotonic Studio in Glasgow. With Penny I have been receiving one to one classes twice a week. Gyrotonic Expansion system is designed to stretch and strengthen muscles simultaneously while stimulating the connective tissues in and around the joints, the movements produced using the different machines are multidimensional providing the capacity to explore and increase an individuals’ maximum range of motion. It will also give me the strength in other areas of my body which will allow me to use more freely all muscles instead of putting all muscular stress in ballet through my hip and will hopefully prevent this injury from reoccurring once again. These two systems combined have been a great way for my hip to rehabilitate itself and so far I am so pleased with the results.

I also have some fantastic news!  The results for my MRI scan came back this week and everything within my hip joint is healthy and clear and the scan has shown my injury has been caused by an overly developed muscle imbalance. This can be fixed easily and can be done by re training my body and finding the muscles that have been a little lazy. These results provided me with piece of mind that this injury will not be detrimental to my future career … for a dancer … what better news could I receive! Ballet is such an important part in my life and to receive such goods news has lifted such a weight from my shoulders and now I can go back to what enjoy most … dancing!

Also while I have been home I have participated in Scottish Ballet open classes with my friends from The Dance School of Scotland. These classes are helping me to re gain my full strength and participate in full ballet classes. Just recently I was delighted to be asked to perform as a special guest for the Elma Whyte school of Dance. This dance school has a special place in my heart as it is where I took my first steps into the world of classical ballet at the tender age of 2 years. The performance was held in the Armadillo Theatre Glasgow.   I performed the pas de deux from the famous ballet ‘Don Quixote’ with a friend, Jonathan Milton who has just recently graduated from The Dance School of Scotland.

I miss everyone from home so much when I am away living in Russia so I am trying my best to meet with as many friends as possible as I know I am going to miss them so much once I return to Moscow. I am also thoroughly looking forward to travelling to London to see the Mariinsky Ballet performing ‘La Bayadere’ in The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. There is no doubt in my mind about how utterly amazing this company will be and I can’t wait to see some of the world’s top dancers. These tickets where kindly given to me as a gift by my very close friend Maureen … so a big thank you as this was very much appreciated!  I am so lucky to have been given two tickets, and I have invited Natalie to join me at the ballet. This will also give us a little time to catch up on our gossip, as the next time I’ll see her will be in London Heathrow Airport for our return to Russia!

I am looking forward to my return to The Bolshoi Ballet Academy and also my second year course. Thank you all for reading my blog this past year and the support that has been given, and I hope my blog this year will be full of interesting and exciting news for you all to enjoy!

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After the last few very exciting, stressful couple of weeks at the Bolshoi ballet Academy, it was nice to de-stress a little! But not for long… lessons began as soon as I arrived back at the academy after my short holiday back home in Scotland. As usual Revich (my ballet teacher) began to work us hard to prepare for our exams which will be in the next couple of months. However due to a hip injury which occurred in gymnastics last week, Revich has decided to limit the amount that I am allowed to participate in within class at the moment … she is only allowing me to do barre or light centre. Although it upsets me not to do full class I understand the importance of being fully fit for the up and coming events which are all too important for me. This has not dented my enthusiasm as it is nothing a few physio treatments, exercises and muscular gel won’t fix. I am taking a few more days to rest my hip and fingers crossed by the end of the end of the week I will be fighting fit and back doing what I love to do and giving it 100% once again! Revich has been amazing, not only is she a a fantastic teacher but she can also sense when I am feeling a little homesick. At the beginning of last week she took me to one side and gave me a gentle talk which I am so thankful for! Her words of wisdom and moral boost truly do mean a lot, and I feel at times she is almost like a second mother to me… only a more ballet-minded and less obsessed about a clean bedroom!

On a less cheery note I have been told that my Russian Language exam is on the 6th of April! I am really nervous as there is so much grammar involved in this very difficult language, so I am having to study 24/7 to try to get everything into my head so that I am prepared on the day. The saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ pops into my head now and gain which keeps me on my toes. I have also arranged to sit down with two of the girls in my class from America for some intense studying sessions so hopefully everything will work out and I will be confident in 2 weeks time! Wish me luck!

The date for our ballet exam has also recently been announced. It looks as though we will be putting on our new black leotards and we will be spraying our hair to our heads for the occasion on either the 2nd or 3rd of June. I am slightly excited and also nervous for this exam as it will give me a chance to show how I have progressed in my first year at the academy, and will also show me what I need to improve on and strengthen for my second year. Approximately 2 weeks after this date I should be on my way home to bonnie Scotland to begin my summer holidays and I can’t wait wait to see all my family and friends for what will be a much needed rest after all my exams and I will also have a much longer spell to spend with everyone as it won’t be just a few days but a couple of months, so I will be able to recuperate and recharge fully. I hope it doesn’t sound bad that I am counting the days already as I do enjoy my time here (very much) but I also miss everyone back home and I think that it is something which will never change no matter where I am in the world.

This weekend we all had the chance to dress in our best clothes to celebrate two birthdays, Daniel Dolan’s 18th and Niklas Blomqvist’s 20th. I had a very enjoyable evening in a restaurant called Sky Lounge and I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it felt great to be all dressed up and out having dinner with the group. The food was absolutely beautiful and the view from the windows is simply divine as the restaurant is situated 22 floors high and you are able to gaze into Moscow and all its glory!

Today Natalie, Daniel, Alex and myself have all came to McDonald’s cafe to take advantage of the free Internet, as at the moment the Internet connection in the academy is very unreliable and I haven’t had a proper conversation with my mummy in what feels like forever! So fingers crossed she will get her tired little self online (she works a night shift on a Saturday) before I go back to the academy for dinner. I would also like to say a big congratulations to all of my friends in the Dance School of Scotland as they have all secured places in various top London schools and I am very proud of them all! They have all worked so hard and I can’t believe it is now their time to finally graduate and go their separate ways in their individual career paths. They are all about to embark on the biggest and most enjoyable and rewarding journey of their live and I wish them all the luck in the world for their future, but I hasten to add; don’t forget little Stobo in Russia okay! Love you all!

I will write another blog very soon to update you all in the coming weeks about my preparation for my exams and also let you know how I get on with my language exam! Wish me luck guys!!

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